Easter at Crossroads

The hope of the Christian faith is intricately tied to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have misunderstood the resurrection of our Savior if we think that it is simply a moment of religious celebration. More so, if we miss the concept that this powerful moment can powerfully change us then we miss the reason that Jesus came to earth in the first place. Be sure to join us this Easter season and be sure to point your family and friends to Easter at Crossroads this year that they might experience this instantaneous transformation provided through the power of the cross.


    Thursday, April 6 • 7pm

    Before celebrating Resurrection Sunday, we want to mindfully consider Jesus & his ministry before his death. Maundy Thursday serves as an opportunity for the church to remember Jesus' Last Supper & the selflessness he displayed through the washing of his disciples' feet. This service will give us tangible ways to practice humility and will wholly set the tone for a coming Easter celebration.

  • Stations of the cross + prayer vigil

    Friday, April 7 • 7am-7pm

    @ Westbrook Christian Church

    Stations of the Cross provides each person with a personal, intimate space to experience Holy Friday. Here, you will be encouraged to reflect on Jesus' final hours before his death. Doors will be open all day, and you may take as much time needed for prayer and reflection. For a full experience, consider blocking out at least 30 minutes anytime on Good Friday for this self-guided prayer experience.


    Friday, April 7 • 9am-6:30pm

    @ Westbrook Christian Church

    Follow the journey of Jesus through story and hands-on activities for all ages which encourages our children to experience what Christ did for all people. Make sure to invite your friends and neighbors.

  • good friday service

    Friday, April 7 • 7pm

    Easter is more fully understood & celebrated when the entirety of its context is considered. Good Friday, or Holy Friday, is a time for the church to lament; it is a time to captivate the long weekend when death temporarily won. Our Good Friday service will challenge us to mindfully enter a grieving space. To wholly celebrate Easter, we will first experience the lamenting service on Good Friday.

  • easter sunday services

    Sunday, April 9

    Traditional Bilingual Sunrise Service 7:00AM

    Easter Service (CK) 8:30AM

    Easter Service (CK) 10:00AM

    Easter Service (CK) 11:30AM

    Bilingual Easter Service with Gente Unida (CK) 10:00AM

    (CK) indicates Crossroads Kids takes place during service.